NIGHT VISION(s) is a visual exploration of the nocturnal, tonal world, informed by my struggle with insomnia. In this series of works, I delve into my cycle of sleeplessness, emphasizing the repetition of evenings awake, of light diffused yet shining through, creating a muffled luminosity through my use of mixed media, which includes graphite, cold wax, metal leaf, powdered pigments and oils 

Awake hours into the night, the body is exhausted but the restless mind, and eyes, are not. There is an endless play of dark and light, of transparent blacks, grays and patinaed whites, cutting through the night, making its way onto the walls, and into my psyche. Fragmented light slices through the windows, broken up by slatted blinds, as horizontals repeat and divide the visual plane, allowing glimpses of other worlds, just beyond reach, hovering before, but not fully in sleep. 

Below are 24 images of works included in my New York City 2019 solo exhibition 

NIGHT VISION(s). A full-color catalogue, including a poetic response by UK poet 

Polly Walshe, is available here