my Work

The media I choose functions as my vocabulary of expression, as well as standing in 

as proxy to emotional states of mind. My artwork is a manifestation of my interaction with my environment, and the effects that environment may have on my outer and inner life. My studio is in Rockaway Beach, in New York City. The work reflects this urban ocean environment and draws inspiration from the light and tones of the open sky, beach and water. The surfaces create a feeling of place, yet also are a conduit through which light can emanate and radiate. Some of my work incorporates the intensity of graphite with the earthiness of powdered pigments, others the translucency of wax and the luminosity so inherent in the medium. I choose materials that help to facilitate a sense of mystery and light, both internal and external. I think of my pieces as places to come to rest, both physically and emotionally, allowing the viewer a moment to reflect, looking outward as well as inward.